Hi there, my name is Laura Zander,
and I am a content creator & artist.


My path in life has always been focused towards representing an idea visually.

My earliest memories are of colors – red carpet in my room, my sister’s pink and white polka dot bedspread, the brown beaded curtain to our laundry room. I still find color to be inspiring and memorable, which is why I feel it’s of vital importance in design and branding. While I was growing up I took classes in drawing, jewelry making, and spent countless hours perfecting my photo prints in the darkroom. Anything creative or artistic, I wanted to learn about and practice.

My grandfather would give me discontinued paper swatch books from his work and I would make tiny booklets from the scraps, which also turned into a strong interest in textures. While days were spent on games on our Apple IIc, when we bought a Windows computer, I quickly taught myself everything I could from Word to Photoshop. A dial-up modem was no match for my determination to learn how to communicate instantly with people across the world through the internet.

Going to college for Visual Communications was the obvious next step for me, where I specialized in print and web design. I quickly collected every Prismacolor marker available at the student store and felt as though each class was my favorite. Remember that I mentioned making tiny booklets from scraps? My first job as a graphic designer was at the very same print shop my grandfather worked in – creating business cards, brochures, booklets, and more.

Years later, my passion for photography would again come into the picture, helping me grow as an artist and storyteller. During my travels I stood inches away from the brushstrokes of Van Gogh and even touched hieroglyphics in Egypt’s oldest pyramid – those experiences helped me become even more appreciative of art, language, and their connection to each other.

2018 – Current
Freelance Graphic Designer
Design brand and collateral materials, publications, maintain WordPress sites, and provide an active online presence on Facebook and Instagram for local businesses.


2022 – Current
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA)
Collaborate with museum departments and artists to create exhibition branding and printed catalogs, event specific materials and wayfinding, programming support graphics, and museum marketing materials.


2009 – 2018
Add to Heart Photography
Captured images and digital video of custom and specialized photography sessions including portraits, events, travel, and products.


2003 – 2009
Managed a team to provide creative direction for all design projects and was responsible for communicating with sales and marketing staff to target client goals and objectives.

2001 – 2003
Minuteman Press
Applied knowledge of graphic design software to create newsletters, flyers, and other direct mail materials.


1999 – 2001
Impression Makers
Assisted in the project management and design of various print media and marketing campaigns.


Published In:
The Big Book of Letterheads
Market Smart Design
Rangefinder Magazine
Mozi Magazine
Design Aglow
Best of Central Kitsap

Pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to. They are often connected to your path, passion, and purpose in life. Have the courage to follow them.

Ruben Chavez